Partnership Opportunities

As regulatory standards for product quality become more stringent, the demand for cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes is increasing. Alongside this, evolving market dynamics are favouring flexible production methods, prompting pharma and biotech to reap the rewards of continuous processing.

To successfully implement cutting-edge development and manufacturing strategies, collaboration with seasoned partners is now more crucial than ever to the continuous community.

The Annual CCP Summit provides a unique opportunity to position your trusted expertise to those senior decision makers dedicated to driving forward innovative technologies and solutions within their pharma and biotech organizations.

If you have a product of service that will befit this audience, please get in touch to understand more about the bespoke partnership opportunities, tailored to best serve your commercial needs for 2025 and beyond.

In 2024 Experts Needed Your Help With:


Engage with industry leaders to position yourself as the market leader. As continuous manufacturing evolves, seize this opportunity to demonstrate your continuous manufacturing capabilities and GMP-compliant services, and align your platforms with clients’ needs.

Bioprocessing Equipment & Solutions 

From bioreactors to processing chambers to chromatography pharma companies are evaluating the best equipment to employ for continuous manufacturing. Exhibit at this meeting to present why your pioneering products should be their choice.


PAT Equipment & Software

Processing and manufacturing are being fully automated in pharma, real-time analytics are in high demand. How can your software help with real-time process control? Are they customizable? Come tell our audience about your platforms and assist them with ICM.


Flow Chemistry & Drug Product Manufacturing Technologies

Help the biotech and pharma community find innovative approaches to improve the efficiency, precision and sustainability in their drug product development from formulation to final product.

Why Partner?

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Showcase your expertise in an increasingly competitive landscape

Elevate your brand presence and visibility

Establish connections with key prospects across both pharma and biotech

Cultivate trust in your products and services

Who Could You Meet?

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