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8th Commercializing Continuous Processing Summit

In 2023, we witnessed a surge in momentum and investments within the continuous processing community, including WuXi opening a continuous manufacturing line for oral solid products and the FDA-MIT $82 million funded project to accelerate mRNA development

This game-changing year prompts the question – why NOT continuous processing? This maturing yet cutting-edge technology is moving towards being leveraged and applied by the majority. With increased regulatory clarity from the FDA and ICH Q13, now is the time to overcome pressing challenges and accelerate quality drug products' speed-to-market through end-to-end continuous manufacturing implementation while adhering to GMP compliance.

The 8th CCP Summit was your comprehensive resource for the end-to-end commercialization of continuous processing. Whether you decide to undergo a complete transformation of your manufacturing strategy or simply contemplating the implementation to a singular unit operation, in 2025 you’re guaranteed to walk away with actionable insights to drive value in your department and company-wide.

Don’t miss out on the chance in 2025 to reap the rewards that continuous processing can bring to both pharma and biopharma.

2024 Agenda Highlights:

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Small Molecule

Discover how continuous flow chemistry can revolutionize small molecule synthesis with the Senior Director of synthetic molecule development, Eli Lilly & Company


Explore the advanced technologies and computational modelling in the continuous manufacturing of mRNA therapeutics in the $82m FDA-MIT funded project


BRAND NEW FOR 2024 – CCP will highlight the latest applications of continuous manufacturing to Cell and gene therapy, with new work from IBET & MIT


Navigate the path to regulatory approval, discussing the challenges faced in validation processes and understanding the ICHQ13 guidelines

Control Strategies

Delve into the transition to real-time process monitoring for reduction on process variability, waste reduction and increased product consistency with Takeda

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What Your Peers Have to Say

“Each year the conference has top notch industry leaders in both the roles of conference chairs and presenters. The knowledge and quality of the talks are excellent." - Principal Systems Manager, Seeq

"Conference was well run, great presentations and round table discussions. The networking was good, definitely talked with people whom I normally would not have." - Director of Innovations

"It was a great meeting – and you should be congratulated for putting a conference together that is so timely with the growing interest in the topic of continuous manufacturing. I enjoyed the presentations and discussions – and particularly reconnecting with so many ‘colleagues’ working in this area." - Professor, University of Washington