"Some great material presented and the site visit and round tables were very interesting!"

(Launch Manager, Merck KGaA)

"Conference was well run, great presentations and round table discussions. The networking was good, definitely talked with people whom I normally would not have."

(Director of Innovations, Ferring)

"CCP conference was very help for learning and network. I would like to recommend the conference."

(Associate Director, BMS)

"The conference was very thoughtfully put together with reasonable sized segments of presentations and a clear theme, with carefully designed networking activity interspersed in between."

(Senior Scientist, Eli Lilly)

"The conference covered a good range of CM topics, with good presenters in all sections I attended."

(Director, Alkermes)

"It was a great opportunity to interact and learn from experts in the field. Very well organized to ensure interaction and networking."

(Director, Amgen)

"It was a great meeting – and you should be congratulated for putting a conference together that is so timely with the growing interest in the topic of continuous manufacturing. I enjoyed the presentations and discussions – and particularly reconnecting with so many ‘colleagues’ working in this area." 

(Professor, University of Washington)

"CCP Summit has been consistently providing the scientific community with a great forum to share knowledge and learn more from the continuous manufacturing network."

(Sr Director Chemical Engineering, Asymchem)

"The CCP Summit 2019 provided me the opportunity to connect with prospective and existing customers to show how we can provide value in the continuous manufacturing space. The Hansonwade team put on a great show and the Seeq team is looking forward to next year!"

(Principal Analytics Engineer, Seeq)

"Each year the conference has top notch industry leaders in both the roles of conference chairs and presenters. The knowledge and quality of the talks are excellent."

(Principal Systems Manager, Waters Corp.)