Sarwat Khattak

Company: Biogen Idec

Job title: Head of Cell Culture Development Proteins


When will the Infrastructure be In Place for Continuous to Overtake Batch? 3:30 pm

• Evaluation of currently available external manufacturing infrastructure for small and large molecules, is this ahead, behind or inline with in-house? • What needs to be overcome for continuous to overtake batch as the preferred method of production cross the industry? • How to adapt continuous equipment suites so they are as flexible as batch…Read more

day: Day Two AM

What is ‘Success’ for PAT in Continuous Bioprocessing? 11:30 am

What areas of bioprocessing benefit from continuous unit operations with PAT application?  How useful is Process analytical technology (PAT) for process ‘success’ from  a) A regulatory point of view  b) A manufacturing point of view  Raman probe and other analytical techniques that drive value Read more

day: Day Two Track B AM

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