Introduction to NIST, NIIMBL & Leveraging Private- Public Partnerships

Time: 2:30 pm
day: Day One Track B PM


• What is the NIST strategy to ensure the biopharma industry can adopt emerging technologies in a timely manner with quality and cost in mind?

• Overview of how the government advancing continuous processing in pharma/biopharma industry, the role and model of NIIMBL and what successes and challenges have been seen on the journey so far? Roundtable Discussion. Audience to discuss:

1. How to ensure collaboration, connection and communication between quality and process development teams, why is this important?

2. How aware are you of the private-public partnerships in the US that can help your organization advance continuous?

3. What modalities still need more support? How can partnerships continue to help commercialize emerging technologies? e.g. Real time release