Pre-Conference Workshop Day - Tuesday, March 22

 9AM – 12PM | Workshop A

Implementation of Continuous Processing in Synthetic Molecules

Building a Business Case for Continuous Manufacturing in Your Organization

• A Strategy for engaging stakeholders for investment in new technologies

• Identifying the Spearhead application and calculating the NPV for the application

• Articulating the expected ROI

Internal Capability Building for Continuous Manufacturing Process Development

• A few differences in CM process development compared to batch

• People requirement: Given the highlighted differences, what skills are required to develop CM process effectively?

• Approaches for hiring top continuous talent

• Approaches to organizing the team and managing a CM development portfolio

Dan Griffin Amgen

Daniel Griffin

Principal Engineer



Eric Sacia

 Senior Scientist II


Eric Moschetta AbbVie

Eric Moschetta

Senior Scientist II


1:30PM - 4:30 PM | Workshop B:
Implementation of Continuous Processing in Biologics

How has Continuous Processing Shaped Biologic Drug Development?

• Review of Progress, Opportunities and Challenges in the Industry to date

• Why are FDA approved CM drugs focussed on small molecules? Is the breakthrough for biologics on its way?

• What are the business case drivers for adopting continuous bioprocessing? What is the opportunity cost of not adopting?

Building Capabilities for Industrial Continuous Bioprocessing

• Capability Building for Continuous Processing in Pharma: experiences from buildout and implementation

• How does continuous processing fit into a wider industrialization strategy?

• What teams need to work together to drive change: where is best to implement from early phase to commercial development?

jeff odum high res

Jeff Odum CPIP

Practice Leader, ATMPS & Biologics

Genesis AEC

Robert Flynn Sanofi

Robert Flynn

Principal Process Engineer