Aligning Continuous With Sustainability for Company Wide Impact

9:30 am Exploiting Modularization for Flexible Manufacturing & to Drive Down Environmental & Facility Footprint

  • Nick Thomson Senior Director, Chemical Research & Development, Pfizer Inc.

10:00 am Application of Continuous Processing to Go Green & Meet Sustainability Goals

10:30 am

Speed Networking – Get Matched With Your Fellow CCP Community Members

11:00 am

Morning Coffee Break

12:30 pm

Poster Session – Hear the Latest Research & Developments in CM & Showcase Your Own Work on Stage

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch


• Visit our exhibition space for downloadable bonus content
• Connect with 1-2-1 video chats

3:00 pm

Tech Slam


• Overwhelmed by the number of pumps/reactors, software and more available on the market? Compare available technologies side-byside through 5 minute demo videos to cut though the noise and find the best solution for you.

3:30 pm

Afternoon Refreshment Break

Ensuring Safety in Your Engineering, Strategy & Supply Chain

4:00 pm Tech Transfer Troubleshooting & CMO Collaboration

4:30 pm Contingency Planning Panel Discussion


• How to ensure your automation and monitoring systems are robust enough to detect possible problems
• Engineering Solutions to avoid leaks and safety breaches, and material recovery
• Health and safety procedures to mitigate risks when development a continuous process

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm

End of Summit