2022 Event Partners


Hosting Partner

Seeq® empowers process manufacturers to rapidly investigate and share insights from data in historians, IIoT platforms, and web services as well as contextual data in manufacturing and business systems. Seeq’s extensive support for time series data and its challenges gives organizations more value from data already collected and accelerates analyses. Powered by innovations in big data and machine learning technologies, Seeq helps organizations turn data into insights that drive collaboration, process improvement, and profitability.


SK Pharmateco

Program Partner

Built on over 75 years of experience, SK Pharmteco is a trusted partner specializing in the manufacture of APIs and intermediates, viral vectors for gene and cell therapies, registered starting materials and analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our global operations have the capability and capacity to support your needs from development through commercial production.
Our complementary assets and expertise enable us to provide the highest quality services to our customers.



Program Partner

Secoya Technologies develops innovative production technologies and equipment by a smart use of microstructured elements that enables a precise and secure manufacturing process. It results in stable and reliable processes – at any scale – producing high quality (bio-)pharmaceutical products. Our core principle is applied to 4 process operations: Chemical synthesis, Pervaporation, Crystallization and Micro-particle production. Our technologies are compatible with continuous manufacturing.


Purolite Life Sciences

Innovation Partner

Purolite Life Sciences brings Purolite’s innovative thinking and distinguished history of resin technology expertise to the global Life Sciences marketplace.  Over three decades, Purolite has grown into the world’s premier resin technology manufacturer and innovation leader, with production plants and advanced research labs across the globe.

Purolite Life Sciences provides APIs, enzyme carriers and immobilized enzymes, and resins for purification and separation to support research and development, and production-scale applications in pharmaceuticals, protein purification, food production, bioprocessing, fine chemical and additional markets. With a team of world-class researchers and scientists, we develop novel, high-demand and customized products to meet customer needs.


Rockwell Automation

Exhibition Partner

Our mission is to improve the quality of life by making the world more productive and sustainable. We are committed to enabling the next generation of smart manufacturing. With the right strategy, talented people, and our substantial financial strength, we are dedicated to deliver value to our customers.
Rockwell provides solutions and services that complement our product offering and maximize production throughout the automation lifecycle. When you invest in Rockwell Automation technology and solutions, you invest in the future of manufacturing.


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