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The 5th CCP Summit Mission

From Batch to Continuous – Deliver a Quality and Affordable Product for Patients

Our mission is to help the pharma and biotechs adopt and implement a fit-for-purpose continuous processing, which will ultimately deliver quality and cost-effective medicines to patients globally.

Since the Summit launched in 2016, our community has expanded rapidly. Coming to the 5th year, we are now the one and only CCP meeting bringing together small molecules and biologics experts under one roof for knowledge and experience exchange!

Join 130+ CM industry pioneers at the CCP Summit 2021 to hear lessons learned and actionable insights!

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About the CCP Summit 2020

Over the last 4 years; we have witnessed an increased amount of interest, as well as actual commercial projects, in commercializing continuous manufacturing.

Our annual meeting in Boston has seen a global community with audiences from the US, EMEA and APAC who share their latest journeys and lessons learned.  While encouraging advancements have been made in this field, various challenges remain ahead; small molecules have proven early success and biologics will definitely follow suit with lucrative opportunities.

Demonstrating a valid business case, maintaining quality under continuous processing, gaining approval and adopting innovative real-time product release are the next phase of focus – in order to uphold drug product quality throughout transitioning.

The 5th CCP Summit will return to Boston as the only commercial pharmaceutical meeting dedicated to continuous processing, helping you accelerate the switch from batch to CM.

2020 Agenda Highlights

FDA’s CBER explains their newly established Advanced Manufacturing for Complex Biologics Products program – and how they can help you get early access for continuous manufacturing approvals
ICH Q13 steering committee reveals their latest draft guidance and how this will impact on your quality submission
Merck reveals how they built the business case for filing an NDA under continuous manufacturing, and how they leverage regulatory flexibility
Codiak Bioscience and ImmunoGen present their latest data on continuous bioprocessing – from exosomes to ADCs – what opportunities does CM offer over batch?
Eli Lilly and Amgen showcase their latest control strategy data and simulation of virtual plant, enabling you to have a tighter control strategy and quality assurance
In-depth Pre-Conference Focus Day and Workshops to give you a 3600 view on CM process design, scale up and project implementation