Jan 29 – Jan 31, 2019
Boston, MA

About Event

Accelerate the Transition through Tightened Control to Ensure Drug Quality

Over the last 6 months, momentum has gathered over with more commercial CP launches in US and Europe, and the appetite in APAC is one to watch. Pilot projects are progressing with increased support and clarity from regulatory agencies.

The amount of research papers published by the likes of Biomarin, Shire, Bayer, Boehrginer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Eli Lilly are overwhelming – and reassuring that the community is showing commitment to switch.

Nonetheless, various challenges remain ahead of us. Small molecules have proven early success, and biologics will definitely follow suit with lucrative opportunities. Demonstrating a valid business case, maintaining quality under CP, gaining approval and adopting innovative real-time product release are the next phase of focus – in order to uphold drug product quality throughout transitioning.

The 3rd annual CCP Summit returns to Boston as the only commercial pharmaceutical conference dedicated to continuous processing, helping you accelerate the switch from batch to CM.

Join us today to meet 100+ industry pioneers, hear their success stories and gain actionable insights from lessons learned!

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