Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2018
Boston, MA

Content Hub

  • Exclusive Interview: GE advancements in continuous bioprocessing

    Lotta Molander is a Global Product Manager covering GE Healthcare’s continuous chromatography portfolio.

    In this interview, she shares her insights on how GE sees the opportunities of continuous processing applications in biologics.

  • Exclusive Interview: LEWA advancements in continuous bioprocessing

    We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Gerard Gach, Chief Marketing Officer at LEWA-Nikkiso Bioprocess Group since our launch meeting in 2017.

    With over 28 years in filtration/separation industry, he shares his insights on how continuous production is evolving.


  • NNE’s view on continuous biomanufacturing

    We caught up with the Global Technology Partners from NNE – Morten Munk, Jeffery Odum and Niels Guldager – for their exclusive insights on various market appetites to CM and views on barriers to technology uptake.

    Our experience shows that several companies worldwide are technology-ready, and that they have demonstrated robustness of continuous bioprocessing. The decision to advance will come down to hard quality and economic data,


  • Past Presentations Pack

    Enjoy the following presentations: 

    Validation for Continuous Manufacturing &  Inspection Readiness

    Michelle Bailey, Associate Director of Continuous Manufacturing & Automation Validation, Vertex

    Continuous Chromatography Simplified for GMP Environments

    Gerard Gach, Chief Marketing Officer, LEWA Bioprocessing Technologies

    End-to-end Continuous: Is this possible?

    David Pfister, Project Manager, Ypso-Facto