Jan 28-30, 2020
Boston, MA


Expertise Partner

Chromatan is solving a major process bottleneck in therapeutic protein production while significantly lowering the cost of goods for biotech and contract manufacturing companies. Our CCTC platform provides an inexpensive column-free, continuous and single-use solution that replaces large scale column chromatography processes used in biologics manufacturing. The platform has been through extensive beta testing with over a dozen of major biotech companies and has consistently shown a 5-15X increase in throughput at equivalent or better product quality.  In 2017 the company has won multimillion dollar contracts and awards from the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) totaling over $4 Million to develop end-to-end continuous bio-production based on CCTC technology.  Chromatan will be launching the process development system in 2019 and is currently engaged in  R&D contracts with multiple biotechnology companies that are testing the CCTC platform with various feed streams and chromatographic modalities.